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Calibrate is a new tool built to help educators create more employable graduates. Spend less time working on curriculum development and more time doing what you love.

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Teach what matters.

If curriculum doesn’t connect to the world of work, neither will your students. Calibrate gives you the power to discover what’s missing and translate your curriculum into valuable skills that employers need.

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Calibrate Screenshot
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Identify Marketable Skills

Determine the effectiveness of your curriculum by translating it into valuable skills that employers want and the capabilities that get students hired.

Close Skill Gaps

Calibrate generates a detailed-gap analysis to measure relevancy and help you find out what’s missing from your curriculum.

Smart Insights

Quickly improve curriculum with Calibrate’s A.I. Convert courses into competencies and make informed decisions with helpful skills data.

Let Calibrate do the heavy lifting.

Prepare your students for success without drowning in curriculum development. Calibrate Blueprints jump start the job analysis and review process so you can spend more time focusing on the job that you love - teaching.

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Calibrate Screenshot
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Calibrate Blueprints

Carefully-curated occupational templates for more than 1,000 careers. Expedite curriculum development with our Blueprints to help guide the process.

Create, customize, & share

Modify our Blueprints to meet specific needs, or create your own for new or emerging trends. Easily share work for quick-team collaboration.

Perfect for C.B.E.

Developing competency-based education? Use Calibrate Blueprints as a springboard for faster development and better-informed decisions.

Customize to meet your needs

Employers need qualified graduates. Educators want successful students. Finally everyone can agree on what graduates need with Calibrate Profiles. Simplify the conversation with customized skills data and helpful context.

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Calibrate Screenshot
Calibrate Screenshot

Calibrate Profiles

Living documents that allow educators and employers to get on the same page about skills. Our Profiles are adaptable and able to keep up with any industry.

Shared skills language

Convert high-level learning outcomes into industry relevant skills. Rank, organize and sort capabilities for employer partners based upon their unique needs.

Meaningful Data

Access powerful insights to help identify capabilities, soft skills, knowledges, tools, technologies and other components associated with your curriculum.

Skills Library

Data that's always improving.

Calibrate learns and improves every time you use it. Get better suggestions and more relevant insights over time. Stay on top of emerging trends with ongoing updates to our library and Blueprints.

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