Smart skill analytics to power your software.
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Add deeper understanding to your skill-related applications for better matching and authoring. Why build it? Try ours.
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How SkillsEngine APIs Work

  • Intelligent Algorithms

    Go beyond simple text matching with deep-learning AIs purpose-built for understanding job postings, descriptions, resumes, and skill-related texts.

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  • Skills on Tap

    Harness SkillsEngine's curated library of skills derived from millions of job postings and work-related data sources.

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  • Ready to Scale

    Craft next-gen skill and occupation-related software with cutting-edge services built on high performance cloud infrastructures and best of breed standards.

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Smart skill analytics to power your software.
SkillsEngine data services analyze your text and return collections of scored skill descriptors. Each endpoint is designed to address particular talent management and skill alignment challenges.

Power Your Applications

Improve job and candidate matching. Create more descriptive job postings. Improve resumes. Identify critical soft skills. Align curriculum. Contact us today to tell us what skill gaps you want to close. We are happy to explore ideas and explain what we can do to help.

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We built Profile Builder to show how SkillsEngine data services can be used to power rich user experiences. Grab your resume or a job posting and see for yourself.

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Built on a Shared Skills Language

At the core of SkillsEngine is a carefully curated library of descriptive skills data mined from millions of job postings, public data and other sources. The result is a "shared skills language" that dramatically improves transparency in the talent pipeline.

What is a Skill?
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