True Inference

Simple mentions of a tool, technology, or soft skill can imply a wealth of additional info that human readers “just know.” Cutting-edge AI gives Expander the ability to highlight this info, going beyond word similarity to actual inference. Use Expander’s results to “beef up” your sparse texts and enrich the metadata upon which your algorithms rely.

Homonyms, Synonyms, Subsets

Writing code that matches two identical words is easy. Handling the myriad ways a person might refer to a specific software package is hard. Let Expander do the heavy lifting. No more dictionaries of synonyms or hierarchies of phrases. Expand phrases, words, and tokens with a single API request.

Raw & Refined

Machine learning algorithms often give results without structure. Taxonomies grow stale. Expander combines the strengths of both, providing raw tokens surfaced by learning from millions of texts, married to detailed taxonomic elements from the SkillsEngine curated library. Separate the wheat from the chaff, or use both.

Contextualize & Disambiguate

Is “drive” an electronic component or a vehicle characteristic? Even the most sophisticated search engines can’t tell identical words apart. Expander can. Provide a standardized occupation code and Expander can tell you that a computer engineer uses a USB flash drive and a park ranger needs a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Bulk Up

Need lots of words and short phrases analyzed in a hurry? Expander’s endpoint allows for bulk analysis in a single request. Send a user’s entire “software experience” list as they’re entering it, to start filling in typeaheads or suggestions. Make your app look smarter than the average search engine.

Categorically Better

Unscored lists of “things” are hard to use. Expander’s taxonomy-matched results provide explicit categories, classifications, and relevancy scores for every short phrase you provide. Tools, Techs, Workplace Essentials, Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities. Know which is which and utilize what you really care about.