Built on a Shared Skills Language

At the core of SkillsEngine is a carefully curated library of descriptive skills data mined from millions of job postings, public data and other sources. The result is a "shared skills language" that dramatically improves transparency in the talent pipeline.

What is a skill?
Skills Library

Developers, we got you covered

We're committed to providing top-notch support for developers seeking to build applications that use our APIs. Access clean, easy-to-read API documentation, straightforward support forums, and industry-standard authentication, compression, and data formats. We want SkillsEngine to be the best integration experience you've ever had.

Developer Hub
Developer Hub

See what we can do.

We built Profile Builder to show how SkillsEngine data services can be used to power rich user experiences. Grab your resume or a job posting and see for yourself.

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Academic Use

SkillsEngine offerings academic discounts for not for profit educational institutions and non commercial applications. Let us know more.

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