Find the right skills for the job.
Finding the ideal mix of skill requirements to include in a job posting, resume, or lesson plan can be difficult. Hiring managers know what they need but often struggle with the right wording. Matcher translates sentences into well-written, structured skills. Matcher can help give your HR department a break.

The Right Skills

Humans say the same things in different ways. Matcher bridges the gap. Turn sentences into multiple scored, descriptive skills from SkillsEngine’s library of more than 4,000 detailed work activities. Dig deeper into every sentence.

For the Right Job

Sparse texts make context difficult. Matcher accepts standardized occupation codes as a parameter for improving relevance and finding skill statements that make sense in every occupational domain. Is it a “driver” or a “driver?” Context is king.

Combine Services for Added Value

SkillsEngine services are designed for pipelining. Use Profiler to find occupation codes and then send your skill sentences to Matcher with occupational context. Get back detailed activity statements that are clearly relevant to sentences in your document. Computers can be myopic; pipelined services let your app think more like a human.

Power Your Applications

Improve job and candidate matching. Create more descriptive job postings. Improve resumes. Identify critical soft skills. Align curriculum. Contact us today to tell us what skill gaps you want to close. We are happy to explore ideas and explain what we can do to help.

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