Convert unstructured text into high quality skill data for any application.
Poorly written job postings hinder finding ideal candidates. Resumes often lack relevant details. Profiler fills in the missing context behind the text. Generate rich contextual metadata about any work-related document. Developers can use these tags to improve existing matching algorithms. Even better, create intelligent tools that enable users to write more descriptive documents from the start.

Move Beyond Keyword Matching

Traditional document matching is limited by keywords and input text. Garbage in, garbage out. Profiler enables more intelligent matching by translating text into rich metadata tags. Identify related occupations, activities, soft skills, knowledges, skills, and abilities from any relevant document.

Write Better Job Postings

Hiring managers are not trained HR professionals. But they typically know more about what is needed on the job than HR. Use Profiler to surface relevant knowledges, skills, and abilities critical to success.

Find What's Important

Big data can provide a wealth of insights, but how do you know what’s truly important? Profiler scores every returned element, giving you the power to use them to greater effect in your own application. Use what’s important, not a grab-bag of guesses.

Shape & Customize

Every application has different needs for different data. Profiler API requests can be customized to ensure you get exactly the things you care about, and none of what you don’t. Slice and dice to match your system’s needs.


Analytics and reporting can be slow and computationally expensive. Profiler is highly-tuned, served from industry-standard cloud systems, and horizontally scalable. Getting insights to your users quickly is the name of the game. Profiler won’t get in your way.

Interoperable Skills Taxonomy

Machine learning can surface strange results, and taxonomies can grow stale over time. Profiler marries both approaches to uncover curated skill insights that change as the world changes and are informed by cutting-edge AI. Get the best of all worlds.

Power Your Applications

Improve job and candidate matching. Create more descriptive job postings. Improve resumes. Identify critical soft skills. Align curriculum. Contact us today to tell us what skill gaps you want to close. We are happy to explore ideas and explain what we can do to help.

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